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hi, im kirk ...

i've been a frontend developer for a very very long time, and i really like building stuff.

my journey started as a web developer in ... well, let's just say i started out using Dreamweaver 2. #NuffSaid!!

.. so, with 17 years experience as a frontend developer, I have managed to gain extensive knowledge and skills in the field. I have also developed my leadership skills.

My experience includes six years as a team leader at various organisations, having previously headed teams at Netralink ISP (with clients such as Shoprite, YDE and Midmar Liquors), DFA Solutions (with clients such as Heart Radio and Picardi Rebel) and more recently Forge Technologies (with clients like Ford and Fat Yak craft beer). I have also been a lead frontend developer at EOH (with clients like University of Stellenbosch Business School, Old Mutual, and Capitec) and Forge Technologies. I have also contributed, as a frontend developer, on projects for clients like MTN (which garnered a Loerie nomination), V&A Waterfront, Virgin Active, SAB and St Johns College.

My interests lie in creating user centered, accessible technology for multi-platform mobile applications ... because, you know ... i really really enjoy building stuff!!!

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so here's where you can find me ...

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